VISION: We shall be a global organization creating wealth from waste – through green processes and by using carbon neutral and positive resources – thereby preserving and enhancing the eco-systems for healthy living of mankind.
MISSION: To provide quality products, in health care and agriculture, manufactured using regenerated resources through biochemical processes, continuously improved by cutting edge research. We shall achieve this with a dedicated, passionate team and sustained community participation...Read More


The R and D wing of Pelican Biotech and Chemical Labs Pvt Ltd has constantly focused on creating value added products from waste. Pelican Biotech's products have been developed from the merging of the wastes obtained from two industries- coir pith from the coir industry and prawn shell from the sea food industry. Pelican has also focused on the development of derivatives of chitosan, a versatile bio;polymer, from prawn waste, with enormous applications particularly in the areas of agriculture, water treatment and bio-medical formulations. WELCOME TO PELGREEN RANGE OF PRODUCTS !!!!!...Read More

R & D

Developing new processes and products from chitin and its derivatives. Focus on product and process developments with plant and animal biochemicals. Utilizing the effluents from the above industry to manufacture enzymes, carotenoid,proteins, biofertilizers and biogas. The process and products development for products from coir, such as organic fertilizers,planting media etc.and other agri-inputs products.To develop technologies for waste management and efficient source level composting...Read More