Waste Management - Bucket Bin


The technology developed with the help of Dept. Of Biotechnology, Government of India, employs PELGREEN Composorb, a proprietary inoculum for odorless, hassle- free composting of biodegradable waste at source. The unit contains two lidded buckets of 40/50 L with holes in the top. Normally ONE bucket is sufficient for a family (2 adults and 2 children) for a month. The compost generated can be used also as a soil less planting media over and above its application as good quality.

  1. Spread ONE –TWO inches layer of PELGREEN Composorb in the bottom of the bucket
  2. Spread a day’s waste uniformly (not more than 1Kg) over that
  3. Spread a thin layer of PELGREEN Composorb over the waste such that the waste is completely invisible. Close the bucket for the day.
Repeat the steps every day till the bucket is full (in about 25-30 days). Leave the bucket for curing for the next 30 days. Meanwhile start the 2nd bucket. While the 2nd bucket is filled, the waste in the 1st bucket will be composted.

PELGREEN COMPOSORB (PCS) is an aerobic composting agent developed from ligno-cellulosic materials like coir pith, palm leaves, areca nut husk, hay etc. 2 Lakh CFU microbes in PELGREEN Composorb will decompose waste aerobically in few days time into high nutrient organic planting media and manure. PCS works on our proprietary technology of Advanced composting using aerobic assistance – ACUAA. ACUAA provides the solution for aerobic composting challenges. During conventional aerobic composting the major challenge is to maintain the aerobic nature of composting which gets progressively difficult due to leaching liquid and size reduction in the composting material. Both hinder the free passage of air thereby reducing aerobic composting and create anaerobic conditions. It is well known fact that anaerobic condition creates stench, leach liquid and pathogenic microbes. ACUAA provides in PCS, a two prong solution for the same. First the solid and liquid waste is sandwiched between spongy matrixes (PCS) that can absorb moisture. The matrix also adsorbs stench and obnoxious gases and provides for the aerobic condition, when waste disintegrates into uniform particles along with the matrix into healthy nutrient rich organic manure/ soil-less planting media.

  1. Do not put any liquid waste to the bucket. Only solid part of the kitchen waste should be added to the bucket. For eg: curry waste need to be strained through the kitchen sink to remove the liquid and the solid part can be taken for bucket bin -Composorb unit.
  2. The waste generated each day may be directly added to the bucket or can be stored in a closed vessel/plastic packet and added to the bucket bin at the end of the day. If not closed, insects will lay eggs on the waste that can generate maggots. In case of maggot infestation, PELGREEN Biorakshak (enzymatic larvicide) may be sprayed on a news paper sheet spread over Composorb. The same sheet can be used repeatedly.
  3. DO NOT ADD any non-biodegradable materials like soap, paste, shaving cream, chemicals, syrups, antibiotics, liquor, spirit- containing materials, tobacco, gum, paper, paints, batteries, electronic items, plastic and sanitary waste into the bucket bin.