Organic Agro Inputs Products

Organic Agro Inputs products and


Pelgreen Organic Agro Inputs 

an aerobic composting agent that contain 2 Lakh CFU microbes inoculated in ligno-cellulosic materials like coir pith, dry leaves, hay etc.  Composorb rapidly decompose all biodegradable wastes like kitchen waste, food waste, meat, fish and vegetable,  aerobically, in few days time into high nutrient organic planting media and manure.

Pelgreen Planting Media

An organic planting medium that can replace soil in gardening. A better substitute for potting mixtures based on soil & carbon negative fossil fungus-peat moss -(currently banned in most part of the world). It is ideal for germination and propagation of all crops

Pelgreen Plus - Organic Manure

Substitutes inorganic fertilizers and is preprocessed for immediate bio availability, supporting ORGANIC FARMING, provides natural forms of all essential nutrients to plants, activates the crop environment biologically restoring the natural fertility, enhances root by increasing aeration.

Pelgreen Bioboost

is an organic growth promoter derived from chitosan, chelated micronutrients and humus solution.It enhances the natural immunity, fruiting and flowering and foliage of the plant. Its 100% ecofriendly.

Pelgreen “Bio-Rakshak”

is a non-toxic, bio-safe, natural enzyme-based insect/ pest repellant for the control of pathogenic fungi / soft sucking insects in all agricultural crops.

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