Waste Management Products 

Waste management products and services

Pelgreen Combosorb

an aerobic composting agent that contain 2 Lakh CFU microbes inoculated in ligno-cellulosic materials like coir pith, dry leaves, hay etc.  Composorb rapidly decompose all biodegradable wastes like kitchen waste, food waste, meat, fish and vegetable,  aerobically, in few days time into high nutrient organic planting media and manure.

Based on composorb, we have derived tailor made waste management solutions for various formats of requirements.

Bucket Bin Composting Unit

For houses without backyard or open space. This system can be used in apartment complexes and houses without garden space. Two bucket bins will be used alternatively to compost waste. The compost generated can be transferred into other planters as planting media or manure.

Byobin For Bulk Waste Management

For apartment complexes and bulk waste generators. Available in 2 sizes, 300 and 600L which can take 7kg and 15 kg waste per day respectively. Byobins are used in pairs, one for filling while the filled is kept for composting

Zero Carbon Metro Median Gardening

For urban local self government bodies. In this project all biodegradable waste is converted into soil less planting media for rail/road median gardening. Each median of 20-25 M will require between 10-40MT of biodegradables

Residential Colonies Waste Management Solutions

A comprehensive waste management service in which we provide all services for door to door collection, biodegradable, non-biodegradable, sanitary waste, forward linkage, equipment installation and maintenance for a subscription fee.

C2G KIT ( Compost to Garden Kit)

For homesteads with backyard or open space. The kit contains grow bags, composorb, planting media, growth promoter and pest repellant so that the waste can be composted and used for planting in the same grow bag. This is best suitable for homesteads that have garden space.

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